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Habbo Hotel US Coins Provider was made to help Habbo's that uses Habbo USA to start a Habbo and settle in with a whole lot of furniture. Our donation of coins will provide you with credits that you can buy Habbo furniture with and it is all for free!



Note: You can't ask for more than 20 coins. 20 coins per month.


This is for US Habbo Hotel accounts only. UK and AUS coming soon!

You must use Email to get 20 coins for free.

Enter your account informations here:

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Youtube Comments Proofs:

"At first, I thought this website is just another scam website, but I gave it try, and I got 20 coins! OMG, gotta love this website!"


"Wow, I must donate some of my money to Habbo People INC. So awesome! Thank u for 20 coins :)))"


"Surprisingly, this is not scam website...THANKS for 20 COINS! I will come back to that website again in next month to get other 20 coins for free!"


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